Verba docent, exempla trahunt...
(Latin) Words teach, examples carry away

The basic aim of the demonstration is presentation of living conditions in an ancient settlement from the Roman times with the emphasis put on the role of some key handicrafts like pottery, smithing, goldsmithing and again iron and other non-ferrous metals metallurgy. Iron played a special role in the environment of the Przeworsk culture, what is confirmed by the objects placed in cremation burial places, most of which were made of this metal. In the light of archaeological sources the central and southern part of Poland seems to be an exceptional environment in this respect. Together with all the participants of the event we would like to think about the reasons for such a considerably important function of iron in the lives of ancient inhabitants of this area. Since the meeting is an information shortcut of a kind, we would also like to present the Roman influence on the lives of peoples inhabiting the barbaric Europe. Although it appears unlikely the contacts between these two worlds were frequent and of a versified character. The presence of the Roman legacy will be the next "scene" - this time presenting the similarities and differences between the two worlds once existing next to each other. It is possible owing to the arrangement on the "ARCHEOPARK" area in Starachowice enabling to highlight the elements which is reality are very often distant. Our aim is to attract attention of a large group of people not connected with this subject matter. We believe that the subject and the circumstances of the offered "meeting with the past" are sufficiently attractive to encourage a considerable number of people deeply interested in the topic and the atmosphere of the meeting, especially that in this case we do not want to introduce any elements of the "mass culture". Instead of a large group of participants who will arrive at the "Piecowisko" area in Nowa Słupia, sometimes only by chance since they are more attracted by a nearby festival, we would like to invite those really fascinated by the idea of seeking their own "roots". We really hope they will be satisfied with everything what they are going to experience during these couple of days of the "journey into the past" in the "ARCHEOPARK" area in Starachowice.

Below you will find the photographs from the exhibition in Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen "The Spoils of Victory, The North in the shadow of the Roman Empire" devoted to the mentioned above contacts between the Roman Empire and Barbaricum, whose testimony is present in the marshy discoveries in Denmark.

We would like to thank the National Museum in Copenhagen for the possibility to take the presented photographs in November 2003.

Golden bust of Mark Aurelius from Avenches (Aventicum) in Switzerland.
Objects of local origin and Roman imports from the grave of a prince in Gommern kr. Sachsen Anhalt in Germany.
Silver and bronze utensils imported from the Roman provinces, among other things those found Hildesheim near Hanover.
Elements of armament: iron swords, metal fittings of the shield handle (grippers) found in the bog in Vimose, visible sword with the preserved wooden cover of the hilt, guard and cap.
Wooden and iron elements of tools: hatchets and axe-shaped-tools preserved in the bogy environment
Wooden and bone objects found in Dutch bogs.
Wooden bucket from the grave of a prince in Gommern kr. Sachsen Anhalt in Germany