1. Widening the knowledge of visitors in the field of ancient history of the Polish lands. The issues explored:
    • fields of handicraft production in the period of Roman influence as a house activity and the effect of the specialisation of particular groups of people;
    • the basic raw materials used in the discussed period of time and their role in forming the cultural environment;
    • the elements of spiritual culture noticeable on the basis of archaeological and historical sources;
    • iron metallurgy and its processing - influences and imports;
    • contacts of the Polish lands with the Roman Empire;
    • the role of industrial imports (far-reaching commerce, military contacts, written sources);
    • the possibilities of reconstruction of ancient reality on the basis of archaeological sources and Roman iconography as well as written sources (staging-mass meeting, military encounters, rites);
    • ethnic issues in the light of the latest research (source record) and archaeological testimony of "migration of nations" on the territory of the mid-European Barbaricum)
  2. Presenting the issue of ancient metallurgy as a widely understood cultural heritage of European importance.
  3. Drawing the attention of the inhabitants of the region to the significant aspect of the history of their "small homeland" and the need to protect the archaeological cultural heritage.
  4. Addressing the aesthetic sensitivity of the audience by an appropriate arrangement and realisation of the whole performance.
  5. Drawing attention to the relations between a folk culture of various regions in Europe and to the constant presence of the Polish land in the line of development of the European civilisation, which is noticeable in the archaeological and ethnographic testimony.
  6. Familiarising the members of the audience coming from other parts of Poland with the tourist and cultural attractiveness of the Holy Cross Mountains region.
  7. Promoting of the province and the region by organising educational and cultural event (within a larger unit corresponding with "Dymarki Świętokrzyskie" archaeological festival)