Reconstruction of our forging shop is based solely on assumptions confirmed by experiments lasting many years because we do not know of any archaeological excavation allowing an unmistakeable reconstruction of a ancient forging shop as it looked in reality. In order to avoid false interpretation of available archaeological materials, its simplest possible form was accepted.

The central point of such a workshop is a furnace. It has a shape of an oval hole, 50cm long, 25cm wide and 20cm deep, covered with a 2-3cm layer of clay. On a longer side, 3-4cm above the bottom there is an outlet of an air nozzle connected with a simple, one-unit bellows operated with a lever placed over it. The equipment of the shop included forging tools made on the basis of authentic objects from 2nd-3rd century A.D.

A - Two-beaked anvil
B - Closed mouth tongs
C - Headed tongs
D - A punch and a sett
E - A hammer
F - A heading tool